Business Value Growth Resources

Strategy or Execution

    A Great Business Strategy Without the Ability to Execute is Mostly Wishful Thinking. …On the other hand, execution without a strategy can be mostly noise.   Feb 2016 | Jeff Cartwright   Requisites For the CEO or owner leading a business, it is vital to have both a sound strategy and a solid plan… (read more)

Sales Team Building

 . Sales team building takes many forms Revitalizing under-performing teams,building start-up teams and ramping-up team in growth market   Jan 2016 | Jack Zimmanck  . Team Organization and Leadership Optimizing sales team performance in the digital age is vastly different than the historic top-down, sales-only organization model.  Today, winning sales teams are closely integrated with marketing… (read more)

Business Value Recovery Shapes Exit Results

    Even businesses with a history of successful growth occasionally stumble when preparing for exit. Dec 2015 |  Jack Zimmanck   Case Study The owner of a privately held $10 million high-quality offset printing business wanted to enhance business value before selling to increase the selling price. The owner sought advice from the trusted business… (read more)

Marketing Leadership

. Marketing Leadership…Navigating Your Marketplace Nov 2015 | Jack Zimmanck   Big Picture Perspective Growth leaders navigating today’s turbulent and fragmented marketplace, need a real-time “Big Picture Perspective” of their marketplace to provide early warning of possible threats, give ample lead-time to evaluate emerging opportunities and a clear picture of what a fully- integrated marketing… (read more)

CMO and COO | Partners in Value Growth

  Balancing these key functions is essential to sustainable value growth          Control Expenses (Bottom line)          Increase Sales Revenue (Top line) Oct 2015 | Jack Zimmanck / Jeff Cartwright  . In many businesses, there is constant tension between these two points of view …and that can be a good thing. It is the contrasting perspectives of these functions that can create the… (read more)

Market-Based Sales Forecast

  The biggest danger of simply updating last year’s sales forecast, is misleading the entire top-line growth team Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck     Market Forces vs. Percentage increase While the traditional method of updating the prior year’s sales forecast will provide a number (often percentage driven) to measure by, market-driven sales forecasting provides measurement tools that are based… (read more)

CRM | Sales Automation

. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Automation… Are not the same thing Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck     Basic CRM Basic CRM provides the technology platform to capture, store and share market, customer and contact information.  Basic CRM is the first step in applying technology to make selling easier and more efficient…and help… (read more)