Business Value Growth Resources

CMO and COO | Partners in Value Growth

  Balancing these key functions is essential to sustainable value growth          Control Expenses (Bottom line)          Increase Sales Revenue (Top line) Oct 2015 | Jack Zimmanck / Jeff Cartwright  . In many businesses, there is constant tension between these two points of view …and that can be a good thing. It is the contrasting perspectives of these functions that can create the… (read more)

Market-Based Sales Forecast

  The biggest danger of simply updating last year’s sales forecast, is misleading the entire top-line growth team Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck     Market Forces vs. Percentage increase While the traditional method of updating the prior year’s sales forecast will provide a number (often percentage driven) to measure by, market-driven sales forecasting provides measurement tools that are based… (read more)

CRM | Sales Automation

. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Automation… Are not the same thing Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck     Basic CRM Basic CRM provides the technology platform to capture, store and share market, customer and contact information.  Basic CRM is the first step in applying technology to make selling easier and more efficient…and help… (read more)

Marketing Strategy

  There is not just one marketing strategy, but a cluster of strategies working together to achieve clear marketing objectives Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck   Marketing Objectives Clear marketing objectives are the foundation for the collection of marketing strategies that align deep understanding of external market conditions, customer needs, competitive offerings and product solutions with a broad… (read more)

Objectives-based Marketing Budget

. Optimize marketing and sales ROI with objectives-based budget It is all but impossible to simply update sales and marketing budget and get meaningful direction for future growth. Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck   Sales Performance / Marketing Effectiveness How buyers make purchase decisions has changed dramatically in recent years and the rate of change continues to… (read more)

Lean Sales and Marketing

  Bucky and MacGyver | Unsung Heroes of Lean  Lean, Six-Sigma is now mainstream thinking in manufacturing, yet no Lean Sales and Marketing has yet emerged.   Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck   That is about to change Cost effective marketing, sales and collaboration technologies now enable sales, marketing and service teams to free themselves from… (read more)

Adaptability as Competitive Advantage

  In times of extreme change, the adaptive thrive at the expense of the specialized and inflexible Sep 2015 | Jack Zimmanck     Intense competition and evolving technology has changed the way business operates  No market is unaffected.  No business is immune. There is no going back.  These seismic shifts present business with the same harsh realities… (read more)